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An attractive smile is white teeth framed by lips and healthy pink gums. Unfortunately, as we age, many of us develop black triangles around our teeth. These triangles are caused by receding gums, which expose more of our teeth than we want to show. Fortunately, we now have a new technique for closing black triangles: BioClear. BioClear is a unique, flowable composite that can pour around your teeth, closing black triangles and reshaping your teeth to create an attractive smile.

An exciting new advance in cosmetic dentistry, BioClear is growing dramatically in popularity because it’s attractive, durable, and inexpensive. To learn whether BioClear is right for you, please call

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Filling a Gap (In More Ways Than One!)

BioClear is an exciting new technology that was developed to address some problems associated with dental bonding and porcelain veneers. On the one hand, dental bonding was inexpensive and easy to apply, but it was vulnerable to staining and could be hard to apply to some parts of the tooth. It was especially hard to apply to the base of the tooth, which made closing black triangles difficult. Dental bonding was also vulnerable to staining and damage.

On the other hand, closing black triangles with porcelain veneers required the removal of significant amounts of tooth material. The results were great, but veneers were expensive and required multiple visits to complete.

BioClear is a new approach to applying composite bonding that can easily be added to all parts of the tooth. The results are attractive and durable, and the procedure can be completed in a single visit. And with costs much less than porcelain veneers, it’s an attractive alternative for many people.

In summary, the advantages of BioClear include:

  • Great for closing black triangles
  • More stain resistant than dental bonding
  • More durable than dental bonding
  • Less expensive than porcelain veneers
  • Can be completed in one visit
  • Easy on the gums
  • Easily repaired if damaged

However, there are some limitations to BioClear. Most importantly, it can only be used if your teeth are healthy and don’t have significant decay or structural damage. If your teeth are decayed or weakened, dental crowns are recommended, whether you’re closing black triangles or otherwise trying to improve the appearance of your teeth..

BioClear is also a little less attractive than porcelain veneers. If you are really looking for natural luster and translucency, then you want porcelain veneers or crowns.

BioCare Black Triangles PatientBlack Triangles Before and After

The BioClear Innovation

The inventor of BioClear, Dr. David Clark, realized that the best method for closing black triangles and ensuring there were no voids in a composite restoration would be to make the composite flowable. The use of heated composite allows the creation of a smooth, solid restoration that is both more durable and more stain resistant.

The BioClear procedure may begin with removing a small amount of dental enamel. If this is necessary, it’s less than is needed for porcelain veneers, and in many cases, all that’s necessary is to roughen your enamel to aid bonding. Next, a thin sheet of clear mylar is used to create the new shape for your tooth that fills in the black triangles and creates a natural, healthy-looking tooth. Then the flowable composite is poured in.

Although the composite is warmed, it’s not hot enough to hurt. In fact, the composite material is not a good conductor, it’s an insulator, so it doesn’t create discomfort the way it would if it were water or metal heated to the same temperature.

Once the composite cures and hardens, it’s polished to create the final appearance. Because the flowable composite doesn’t have as many voids or roughness, it’s easier to polish and creates a great result.

Want to learn whether the BioClear technique is right for filling in your black triangles or correcting other complaints you may have about your smile? Please call (610) 200-6290 for an appointment at Dental Excellence of Blue Bell, serving patients across the Philadelphia area.